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Architecture: Egypt

The Mastaba

The Palette of Narmer
The Pyramids
The Mastaba

Photos and Notes:


The typical Mastaba was rectangular in plan with a flat roof and inward-sloping walls. They were built of brick and faced with limestone slabs. This low, rectangular structure was favored as a funerary monument from the Early Dynastic Period on.

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Originally, the Mastaba was built above a shaft at the bottom of which was situated a tomb. Typical mastabas also have an offering room above ground and a serdab, a room for the ka sculpture of the deceased.


The Pyramid of Sneferu at Meidum.

The owner of the mastaba at Sneferu has not been identified, but it is believe to be that of a prince. It can be entered and a large stone sarcophagus awaits those who want to crawl through the narrow robbers hole.



Detail of the mastaba tomb of Babaef at Giza, excavated by the Museum Expedition.

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The mastaba tomb of Babaef at Ghiza.

Alone out in the desert at Sakkara South is the tomb of Shepseskaf.
It once had a casing of white limestone but only the inner core is left