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Architecture: Egypt


The Palette of Narmer
The Pyramids
The Mastaba


Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt:

Egypt was initially divided into upper and lower Egypt in Predynastic times (3000 BC). Upper Egypt was dry, rocky and culturally set back. Lower Epypt was affluent, prosperous and urban.

There was a need for order in the form of civilization as well as monuments that did not deviate from this.

The annual flooding of the Nile was the unification of Egypt as a civilization. It provided the people of egypt with a way to create a surplus of food(agriculture) as well as a rhythym and repitition of events which relate to the need for order in society. This is reflected architecturally through the construction of pyrimids.

Mythology was used to create social hierarchy, as well as a structure for politics.

The pharaoh was seen as invincible and larger than life. He was seen as an equal to the gods.

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